Mercury Free AG13/LR44 Watch Button Cell

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Product Description

1.5V Alkaline button cell AG13/LR44 for watch battery


1. Voltage: 1.5V
2. Nominal Capacity: 140mAh
3. Dimension: 11.6mm x 5.4mm (D x H)
4. Perform temperature: -10 degree to 60 degree


1. High quality&Reasonable price
2. High capacity and superior low temperature characteristics
3. Excellent resistance to leakage&can be stored for a long period of time
4. OEM are available
5. Mercury Free
6. Environmentally friendly
Remote controller
Computer mainboard
Electronic watch or clock
Keyless entry
LED light
2.LR521/AG0.LR621/AG1.LR726/AG2.LR41/AG3.LR626/AG4.LR754/AG5.LR920/AG6.LR927/AG7.LR1120/AG8.LR936/AG9.LR1130/AG10.LR721/AG11.LR43/AG12.LR44/AG13.Ultra alkaline,Super alkaline,Super heavy duty,Extra heavy duty,CR & AG button cells,NiMH/NiCD/NiZn rechargeable batteries,Chargers,lithium battery and other batteries.

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