High Quality CR2016 Button Battery for Remote Control

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Product Description

Battery type: CR2016 lithium button cell battery
1. Nominal voltage: 3 V
2. Nominal capacity: 70mAh (on continuous discharged at 20±2°C under 7.5KW, load to 2.0V end-voltage)
3. Weight: 1.7grams.(approx)
4. Terminals: Positive can (Mark +), negative cap
5. Operating temperature range: -20°C ~ + 60°C
6. Certifications: ISO 9001, CE, UN38.3, SGS, RoHs
7. Applications: motherboard,Watches,clocks,hearing aid,calculators,electronics, cameras,audio equipment, data acquistion systems, electronics comunications devices, industrial, monitors/controls,switch board,radios medical equipment,remote keylsee entry,security devices
8. Other size are also available in our product line:


Nominal capacity

Nominal voltage




  Lithium battery






Quick Test Service Life

Initial Period

After 12 months

≥75 hours

≥73.5 hours

Work Temperature

Self Discharge Rate

-20°C to +60°C

2% per year

1.Long service life and Environmentally friendly
2. Meet the requirement of European markets
3. High capacity, safe and stable, comprehensively complying with ROHS standard and 2006/66/EC standard.
4.Competitive price with high quality
5.Fast delivery time
CR2016 button cell has been widely used in all kinds of micro electronic products because of its small size. It consists of the anode.the cathode (negative electrode) and electrolyte etc., it looks for the stainless steel material, and as anode stainless steel circular cover, a sealing ring between anode and cathode insulation, sealing ring is made of nylon, the sealing ring has the insulation effect, can prevent the leakage of electrolyte. The nominal voltage of the CR2016 lithium manganese disposable button cell is 3V, the termination voltage is 2V, the typical operating current is 0.1-0.2mA.
Product Application 

Electronic Watch or Clock

Remote Control

Electronic Calculator

Memory Back-up Power Source for SRAM or RTC

LED gloves

Packaging & Shipping

25pcs/tray, 125pcs/shrink pack, 500pcs/box, 5000pcs/master carton


1.Install batteries correctly.
2,Ensure the contact points to be clean and conductive.
3,Do not mix different types, different brands batteries to serve together.
4.Do not heat, recharge the batteries.
5.Do not dispose of the batteries in fire.
6.Keep away from the small children, if swallowed promptly see doctor.
7.Pay attention to the producing date.