Direct Sale Enviromental Mercury Free Button Cell AG10/LR1130 Zn-MnO2 Battery

Product Details

Product Description

1.5V Alkaline button cell battery AG10/LR1130

Product Description
1.Type: Zn-MnO2 coin battery
2.Size: AG13
3.Volatage: 1.5v
5.12 months quality warranty
6.Untra environmental friendly button cell battery
7.Long working time
8.Made from high-quality materials
9.Excellent performance
11.Excellent storage performance and low self-discharge rate
12.Excellent safety performance
13.Certification: ROHS,CE,REACH
14.OEM is welcome

Watches, Cameras, LED flash,Smoking Alarm, shoe lamps, card-style radio, IC Card,Computer Peripherals, MP3/4, Medical Equipment, Memory Backup, Lighting and Communication device.


1.Install batteries correctly.
2.Ensure the contact points to be clean and conductive.
3.Do not mix different types, different brands batteries to serve together.
4.Do not heat, recharge the batteries.
5.Do not dispose of the batteries in fire.
6.Keep away from the small children, if swallowed promptly see doctor.
7.Pay attention to the producing date
Packaging & Shipping:
1,Industrial package: tray package;
2,Express door to door service: DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, EMS;
3,Air cargo can be arranged;
4,Professional & Stable sea shipping service can be provided