Best Quality AA/LR6 Disposible Dry Alkaline Battery

Product Details

Product Description

Super Alkaline AA / LR6 / AM3 BATTERY

Product Introduce:

Voltage: 1.5V
Diameter: 14.5mm
Height: 50.5mm
Discharge resistance: 3.9Ω
Termination voltage: 0.9Ω
Shelf life: 3 years

Electrical Characteristics

Storage Condition

Initial within 30day

After 12months at 20±2°C

Open-circuit voltage



10Ω 24h/d discharge
  End-point voltage: 0.9V



3.9Ω 24h/d discharge
  End-point voltage: 0.9V



43Ω 4h/d discharge
  End-point voltage: 0.9V



Product Advantage:

1.Varieties of models
2.High energy density
3.Requirements of the battery
4.Stable voltage and high capacity
5.Long discharge life and Long service life
6.Good performance at high & low technical operation
7.More economical on price-per-minutes-of-services basis
8.Low internal resistance and Excellent safety characteristics
9.Secure seal provides excellent resistance to leakage and corrosion
10.alkaline battery widely applied for shaver,toys,remote control,camera,pager etc with competitive price

electric toys, electric toys, electric toys, Remote control, laser pen, alarm clock, mouse, mosquito swatter, fingerprint lock, perpetual calendar, shouting microphone, music doorbell and so on.

Our service:
1.OEM acceptable
2.Fast sampling time, best quality packaging and fast delivery
3.Delivery Period: around 30 days after confirmation of packaging information .
4.Good quality to ensure the discharge performance and prevent leakage.
5.We own national 2nd grade metrological verified labs for material analysis, chemical examination andproduct testing.
6.Excellent system for customer complaints, duly feedback of quality information, continuously improving product quality and service.