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Panasonic Battery Is Superior In Safety

Sep 05, 2017

Characteristics and maintenance of Panasonic battery

1, maintenance simple: When charging, the internal gas produced by the Panasonic battery is basically absorbed and reduced to electrolyte, and there is no electrolytic solution.

2, liquid high electrolyte is absorbed in the special clapboard, keep the flow state, so even if the fall can be used. (Fall more than 90 degrees can not be used)

3, security can be superior: because of extreme overcharge operation error caused by excessive gas can be released, to prevent the collapse of the Panasonic battery.

4, Self-discharge Minimum: The special lead-calcium alloy production grid, Panasonic Battery the Self-discharge control in the smallest.

5, Long Life (3-6 years of design life) Good economy: Panasonic battery grid with good corrosion resistance of special lead-calcium alloy, at the same time using special clapboard can keep the electrolyte, and then at the same time with a strong pressure plate active material to prevent falling off, so it is a long life, economic Panasonic battery.

6, small resistance: due to small resistance, Panasonic Battery high current discharge characteristics of good.

7, deep discharge has excellent ability to recover: in case of long-term discharge, as long as the full charge, the basic does not appear to reduce capacity, can be restored soon

Panasonic battery discharge After completion of attention:

We use the Panasonic battery sometimes after the electricity has not been recharged in time, resulting in a loss of electricity Panasonic battery phenomenon, Panasonic Battery the next time again when the use of electricity can not be normal, so we engineers to everyone's suggestion is Panasonic battery should be charged immediately after discharge.

A Panasonic battery with a load discharge to a low-power state must be recharged within 72 hours of discharge to avoid damage to the Panasonic battery. UPS should disconnect the Panasonic battery when unused, otherwise in a few days to a week will lead to the connection of the Panasonic battery over the discharge and damage, if the Panasonic battery after the discharge for a long time did not recharge, will lead to the oxidation of the plate, which is a large number of crystals or cured of lead sulfate in the Panasonic battery metal plate, Panasonic Battery Commonly used charging methods will be difficult or can not be able to restart the lead sulfate decomposition, which can cause premature Panasonic battery damage.

So after the use of Panasonic battery, as far as possible to recharge the first time, this can also prolong the life of the Panasonic battery