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Panasonic Battery Good Vibration Resistance

Sep 26, 2017

Panasonic battery has been sold in more than 50 countries and regions in the world, and has been widely praised in China, widely used in the electronic machine industry, because the introduction of technology is not a very long time, many of them are not particularly understood. Today, Panasonic Battery let Xiao Bian to introduce you.

Characteristics of Panasonic Battery

* Panasonic battery has been widely recognized at the world level, mainly because of its characteristics:

A. Good vibration resistance: Panasonic Battery In the case of charging is not able to move, * Panasonic battery shock resistance is very good, there will be no leakage of the situation, Panasonic Battery there will be no expansion and rupture of the situation.

B. Good impact resistance: After the Panasonic battery full of electricity, will it fall from the height of 20cm, landed on the hard plank, many times this free whereabouts, * Panasonic battery can still be used normally.

C. Good discharge performance: * Panasonic battery discharge voltage is very stable, Panasonic Battery which ensures its excellent discharge performance.

Panasonic battery with perfect quality assurance, access to ISO9002 International Quality Management System certification

Panasonic battery use and preservation methods

Panasonic battery is into mass production, and it basically will not adopt the method of direct sales, Panasonic Panasonic battery in major cities have agents, agents engaged in the sale of Panasonic battery at the time of the biggest problem is custody, Panasonic Battery in the custody of the protection of the operation is also very important. Do the following tasks in detail:

First, in the custody before the preparation of the operation, for example, the Panasonic battery to carry out excessive charge, but also adjust the density of the electrolyte to facilitate the preservation, so that the intention is to drop the electrolyte on the conductive site corrosion. Panasonic Battery Then wait until the electrolyte is fully cooled, tighten the exhaust plug, and use Vaseline oil to alter the metal parts.

Second, in the custody period if the need to use Panasonic batteries to the first to the metal parts of the Vaseline oil clean and then to recharge it, Panasonic Battery because the density of the electrolyte has been lowered before, so at this moment in the charge of the electrolyte will also be the density of the liquid to jump to the value of the size of the rule.

Third, in the custody of the time if the Panasonic battery is found to be too low, and in time to make up for its recharge, and just beginning the same, Panasonic Battery in charge of electricity after the electrolyte to reduce the density to the scale before.