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Maintenance Temperature Of Panasonic Battery

Jul 11, 2017

Please note that the ambient temperature should not exceed the -20℃~+50℃ range when maintaining the Panasonic battery.

The battery must be maintained in a fully charged state while maintaining the Panasonic battery. Panasonic Battery Since the discharge will lose a portion of the capacity in transit or during the period of storage, Panasonic Battery please add electricity before use.

Panasonic Battery Maintenance Temperature Complementary electric spacing method (for example)

25 ℃ The following 6 months with 0.25CA, 2.275v/(table), Panasonic Battery fixed current voltage charge 2-3 days.

With 0.25CA, 2.4v/(table), the fixed current voltage is charged for 10-16 hours.

0.1CA fixed current charge 8-10 hours

30 ℃ the following 4 months

35 ℃ The following 3 months

40 ℃ the following 2 months

Panasonic battery maintenance in more than 40 ℃ conditions, Panasonic Battery the battery life has a very bad effect, please avoid

(4) Panasonic battery in dry and low-temperature, well-ventilated place for maintenance.

(5) because the Panasonic battery in the maintenance process also has the performance deterioration, Panasonic Battery in the management please arrange the use as soon as possible.

(6) If in the maintenance or transfer process of the battery packaging accidentally wet, should immediately remove the packaging carton, lest the water wet carton become a conductor caused by battery discharge or burn the cathode terminal.