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Identification Method Of Button Battery

Jul 11, 2017

Now the use of button batteries is very extensive, therefore, China's omnipotent, ubiquitous "cottage" also began to act, in order not to buy fake and expired button battery, and everyone to meet it.

1 identification from the battery logo.

They do not have a trademark, two no origin, three no production date, Button Cell four no test certificate, only in the battery labeled with the English "button cell" and Japanese, giving the illusion of foreign manufacture.

2 recognition from the battery appearance.

The side surface of the cathode of this kind of battery is mostly plated yellow, give a person to be plated "gold" feeling. Corrosion spots are easy to appear at the bottom of the positive shell. Button Cell Genuine button battery surface coating is smooth, the black seal ring on the back of the battery should not fade phenomenon.

3 from battery performance identification.

Most of the alkaline manganese dioxide battery capacity is low, usually less than the national standard 1.55V, short service life, easy leakage, corrosion of electrical appliances, low voltage load characteristics, a sharp decline in the battery discharge curve, prone to flatulence, causing the battery "drum belly."

Expired button Battery Identification:

The negative side of the button battery is marked with a "* *" two digits, the first number is the year, the second number is the month, and the second digit, if "0, X, y", represents "October, November, December", and the battery should be replaced by the expiration date.

Friends know that the power supply system on the computer board is a kind of button battery, from its chemical composition is called a lithium manganese battery battery, if the subdivision, Button Cell the desktop computer and notebook computer for lithium manganese battery is not the same, the former generally used CR2032 button battery, the latter with CR1220 button-type battery.

Any battery will run out of power, for desktop computers, the CR2032 battery can also be useful when the power is finished. So how do you know if there's electricity in the battery? The easiest way to do this is to look at the date and time when the computer was set up, and another said that when you want to start the computer, the motherboard will prompt you to press "F1" key to enter. The internal reason is: because the CR2032 button battery is out of power, so the BIOS settings were washed off, Button Cell press F1 key to reset the BIOS data significance. Now the computer motherboard has a accidents jumper, as long as the BIOS set to the CPU standard accidents can be.

This shows that the CR2032 battery once no electricity, we must promptly replace. If the battery is not long after the replacement and no electricity, then it is necessary to consider whether the motherboard to the battery charging part of the problem, the need for professional maintenance.

So, how to determine whether the CR2032 button battery has no electricity, that is, the computer can not boot is the reason for the battery. This requires a test. There is a need to fully understand the CR2032 button battery.

Lithium manganese batteries are named after IEC standards. Button Cell In which the lithium metal is the cathode, with manganese dioxide as the cathode of the chemical battery system, r indicates the shape of the battery is cylindrical, if the square is replaced by F; 20 indicates that the battery diameter is 20mm and 32 represents the battery height of 3.2mm. The nominal voltage is 3.0V, the endpoint voltage (end point voltage) is 2.0V, the rated capacity is 200-230mah, depending on the level of the manufacturer. Button Cell With the requirements of the new industry, there is also a special improvement of the battery, its capacity will be very different, mainly to improve its large current output capacity, such as the use of flashing lights or RF products.

Therefore, the measurement of the CR2032 battery whether there is electricity as long as the test its voltage on the line, the method is very simple, take a multimeter can be correctly displayed. If the voltage of the lithium-manganese battery is below 2V, the reason for the computer to boot is the battery.

When measuring the voltage to choose a good range, if the use of a small range to measure the large voltage, there will be a danger of burning the table, if a large number of measures to measure the small voltage, then the pointer deflection is too small to read. The selection of the range should try to deflect the pointer to around 2/3 of the full scale. If you do not know the size of the measured voltage in advance, you should first select the maximum range block, and then gradually reduce to the appropriate range.