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Heavy-duty Batteries Are Widely Used

Sep 05, 2017

Heavy-duty batteries, also known as chemical batteries, are a device that converts chemical energy into electricity and converts electrical energy into chemical energy. It is mainly through the use of external electrical energy to make the internal active material regeneration, the electrical energy stored as chemical energy, need to discharge the chemical energy again into the energy output.

Heavy-duty battery is a very widely used battery, because of different industries and different areas of the use of heavy-duty batteries, so all of the heavy-duty batteries are divided into three categories, the first, lead-acid heavy battery, mainly with voltage stability, Heavy Duty Battery low prices and other characteristics. Second, UPS heavy battery, it shut down the voltage immediately back to the original value. Third, lithium iron phosphate heavy battery, it is relatively stable discharge, so it is the safest battery. Super heavy-duty batteries, which can quickly store energy and then provide power to the internal combustion engine to start the device.

Heavy-duty batteries are generally used in communications, power plants, computer systems, automobiles, motorcycles, tractors, diesel engines and so on, because it can be recharged, Heavy Duty Battery so he is more environmentally friendly than ordinary batteries, but in use must be used in accordance with the instructions required.

The heavy-duty battery is one of the batteries, its function is to be able to store the limited electricity, in the suitable place makes the 6V4AH emergency lamp heavy battery use. It works by turning chemical energy into electricity.

It uses a lead plate filled with sponge-like lead as a negative electrode, Heavy Duty Battery filling the lead plate with lead dioxide as a positive electrode and using 22~28% dilute sulfuric acid as electrolyte. When charging, electrical energy is converted into chemical energy, and the chemical energy is converted into electric energy when discharging. When the battery is discharged, the metal lead is the negative electrode, Heavy Duty Battery and the oxidation reaction is oxidized to lead sulfate; When the battery is charged with direct current, the Poles generate lead and lead dioxide respectively. When the power is removed, it reverts to the State before the discharge, forming a chemical battery. A lead-heavy battery is a battery that can be recharged and discharged repeatedly, called a two-time battery. Its voltage is 2v, usually three lead-heavy batteries in series to use, the voltage is 6v. Heavy Duty Battery The car is powered by a 6-lead heavy-duty battery that is connected to a 12v battery pack. The lead heavy-duty battery should be replenished with distilled water for a period of time so that the electrolyte retains 22~28% dilute sulfuric acid.

When discharging, the electrode reaction is: PBO2+4H++SO42-+2E-=PBSO4+2H2O

Negative reaction: Pb+so42--2e-=pbso4

Total reaction: Pbo2+pb+2h2so4===2pbso4+2h2o (right reaction is discharge, left reaction is charge)

Heavy-duty batteries are widely used for UPS, electric vehicles, scooters, automobiles, wind energy solar systems, security alarms and so on.