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Heavy Duty Batteries Are One Of The Most Important Parts Of A Car

Oct 23, 2017

Heavy-duty batteries, also known as rechargeable batteries can be converted into electrical energy as a power supply can also be converted into electrical energy can make the battery charge, battery acid and alkaline points, heavy batteries are acidic batteries, the most widely used, it Of the electrolyte from concentrated sulfuric acid and distilled water from the preparation of cadmium, nickel, iron, Heavy Duty Battery Cell nickel batteries are alkaline batteries, their electrolytes are used potassium hydroxide solution, the working voltage than the heavy-duty battery is stable, the discharge current is greater, the mechanical strength Higher, smaller, longer life.

Heavy-duty battery positive electrode active material is lead dioxide, the anode active material is sponge lead, electrolyte is dilute sulfuric acid solution, the discharge chemical reaction of lead dioxide, sea Jin lead and electrolyte reaction lead sulfate and water, Pb (negative) PbO2 (Positive electrode) 2H2SO4 ==== 2PbSO4 2H2O (discharge reaction), the charging chemical reaction for the lead sulfate and water into lead dioxide, Heavy Duty Battery Cell sea Jin lead and dilute sulfuric acid, 2PbSO4 2H2O ==== Pb (negative) PbO2 (positive ) 2H2SO4 ==== 2PbSO4 2H2O (discharge reaction), heavy-duty battery single grid rated voltage of 2.0V, generally in series for the 6V, 12V for cars, motorcycles to start lighting use, single battery in series for 48V, 96V, Heavy Duty Battery Cell 110V Or 220V for different occasions, the battery is positive and negative between the very low resistance. Impurities Small Components Stable ions can pass through rubber, PVC, PE or AGM partitions.

One of the most important parts of a heavy battery car, if it does not provide the charge that the engine will not start in the vehicle, for this reason it is vital to properly keep the car battery if a person wants to be in his own vehicle Travel to ensure the normal start of the vehicle; Here are a few heavy battery care steps: 1. Make sure that the terminals of the car battery are dirty from the dirt and corrosion; corrosion occurs when the terminal of the battery ends, the metal is oxidized; some corrosion is normal Because it is impossible to prevent the contact terminals from being completely; usually it looks like a green fluff, but it depends on exactly what the terminals and oxidants are coming in because the oxidation is a chemical process; The terminal has gone all the way until all the corrosion; baking soda paste, and then wipe the terminal and wipe clean; 2. Heavy Duty Battery Cell Please check the battery is not wet, it is clean. All the batteries will eventually lose some charge because it is impossible to make the cost of the transfer of atoms in each electronic battery material; in essence always seek neutrality; dirt and moisture as a conductive agent, so that the energy penetration over the battery premature; 3, make sure that the battery level reaches the packing neck; Heavy Duty Battery Cell this applies only to batteries that can be opened (those covered); the electrolyte required for the car battery, If the solution is too low, it may be that the battery can not make energy conversion, so add some distilled water (TAP) battery if the level is low; occasionally check the battery with a multimeter to charge the battery; you are in the tester The results obtained may indicate that the battery is charged even if the battery is still working properly and is not optimal; this can be used as a signal to your battery to leak energy or where appropriate energy conversion (eg, low electrolyte solution level) , The battery status is not allowed; Heavy Duty Battery Cell then you can take appropriate action to clean the terminal and the battery and check the electrolyte Solution (if applicable). 5. Use the battery charger according to the manufacturer's instructions; this is never the ideal battery to run out of battery charge, Heavy Duty Battery Cell but if you have to do so, then absolutely make sure you connect the correct charging device; improper connection may damage the battery useless of. Above is the five major steps in heavy battery care