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Heavy-duty Batteries Are Made Of Graphene

Jun 14, 2017

As some electric tricycle battery often a lot of failure, the battery often have to change, travel distance is short, which makes consumers made a worry, electric tricycle "eat the battery" has become a major problem headaches of consumers. The advent of heavy-duty batteries, not only solve this problem, but also by the market's praise. Heavy battery popular magical secret, in the end what is it?

One, because more professional. Using graphene technology, the optimal space structure design, the most professional load plate technology, Heavy Duty Battery Cell the most professional load electrolyte solution.

Second, the super load capacity. Anti-heavy ability, Heavy Duty Battery Cell and heavy goods are not afraid.

Three, long long mileage. Heavy Duty Battery Cell With a large capacity, mileage of more than 100 km.

Fourth, Heavy Duty Battery Cell super low temperature performance. Cold resistance, -15 degrees discharge time up to 112 minutes.