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Heavy Duty Batteries Are Ideal For Emergency Use

Jul 21, 2017

Heavy duty battery is a long life, high performance secondary battery.

Heavy-duty battery using an independent research and development of "a heavy electrolyte for the manufacture of electrolytic solution and its preparation method", in order to play the full potential of new electrolytes, through long-term test to develop a set of traditional technology on the basis of improving the battery Energy density and power density, service life and pollution in the use of production and other aspects of a breakthrough, its energy, Heavy Duty Battery Cell high current discharge performance, fast charging performance, low temperature performance, storage capacity, service life and environmental performance and many other aspects Excellent performance. The new process combined with a neutral electrolyte, the use of acid-free acid to escape, Heavy Duty Battery Cell greatly reducing the pollution in the production process, environmental monitoring departments as "clean production plant."

After the battery is discarded, the plate can be recovered and reused. The waste electrolyte is neutral and completely covered with water. It not only does not pollute the soil but also increase the oxygen content of the soil. Visible, silicon can be special maintenance-free heavy-duty battery is a well-deserved green energy.

Heavy duty battery characteristics

1, the reserve capacity is high, Heavy Duty Battery Cell 35AH following the international requirements of 2 times.

2, charge acceptance, to meet the international requirements of 3 times.

3, high current discharge efficiency, high discharge rate, 30C discharge 8S battery does not damage.

4, since the discharge is small, fully charged within a year can still be used normally.

5, charge and discharge without memory (the number of times)

6, can be applied to a variety of harsh environments, can be used in the -40-70 ℃ range.

Performance characteristics of heavy duty batteries

1, environmentally friendly.

The product uses a composite silicon salt electrolyte to replace sulfuric acid, Heavy Duty Battery Cell to solve the production and use of the process has been in the acid mist and interface corrosion problems, and the scrapped electrolyte can be used for planting, pollution-free, easy to handle, the battery plate can also Regenerated.

2, excellent charging characteristics.

Charging acceptance is an important measure of a heavy battery. Heavy-duty batteries can be rated rated Ah value of 60% -80% charge, the conventional charging time of 1.5-2 hours, only the lead acid heavy battery charging time of 1/4 /. Change the rated Ah value of 100-150% fast charge, fast charging time <1 hour, Heavy Duty Battery Cell breaking 0.5 hours rate. As the product resistance is small, in addition to conventional discharge can be large current discharge, high current charging heavy battery no significant temperature rise, it will not affect the electrolyte characteristics and life. Heavy-duty battery charging quickly, in the request to solve the rapid charging industry has broad application prospects. Can meet the needs of the use of power, Heavy Duty Battery Cell charging more than 400 times the charge (industry standard is now 300 times).

3, discharge characteristics:

Corresponding to the charging capacity, heavy-duty battery discharge capacity is also extremely important technical indicators, a rated capacity of the battery with the shorter time to put the end, marking the better discharge performance. Domestic communication with heavy battery discharge standard for 10 hours rate, power with heavy battery for 2 hours. Heavy-duty batteries because the electrolyte internal resistance is very small, suitable for the size of the current discharge, can be generally rated value of 75-80% Ah discharge. The battery with a short discharge time up to the rated Ah value of 15 times to 30 times. Heavy battery to 2 hours rate of international advanced level.

4, self-discharge is small, maintenance-free, easy to save for a long time.

Ordinary lead-acid heavy-duty batteries due to self-discharge factors, stored in the 20C environment for 180 days, usually need to conduct a charge / charge maintenance, Heavy Duty Battery Cell or may damage the battery life. Heavy-duty battery due to self-discharge is very small, and no memory effect, room temperature storage capacity of one year can still maintain the nominal capacity of 90%, this indicator ranks first in the international level.

5, full charge and discharge capacity: heavy battery full charge full discharge capacity, repeated repeated deep discharge or even full charge and discharge on the battery is very small, can cancel or reduce the 10.5V lower limit protection, Heavy Duty Battery Cell which is very important for power batteries.

6, since the recovery ability, is conducive to emergency use.

Heavy-duty battery has more recovery capacity, rebound capacity, recovery time is short, after the release of electricity in minutes can be reused.

7, low temperature characteristics:

Lead-acid products in the environment below -18C capacity plummeted, heavy-duty batteries in the -40C - +70 C environment can be used normally.

8, the cycle of life:

Used for communication power warranty for more than 10 years, power is higher than the industry standard.

9, heavy-duty battery at 20 hours rate of energy than the energy has reached 50wh / kg of the international advanced level.

Heavy battery capacity of three different hours rate are more than the domestic industry standard [Shanghai DB / 2002--1997] requirements. Among them: 10 hours rate exceeded 6.3-7.6%; 5 hours rate exceeded 26.4-36.8%; 2 hours rate exceeded 71%; 2 hours rate of high current discharge exceeded 368%

Heavy duty battery applications:

Solar power generation batteries Posts and telecommunications batteries Electric power systems Batteries Various UPS batteries Motor vehicles Starting batteries Electric vehicle source Traction batteries Railway locomotives Bus power supply Peak load compensation Energy storage devices Marine equipment Medical equipment Miner'slamps Batteries Fire and safety systems Emergency lighting alarm system

The main purpose of heavy-duty battery products

  Silicon can be special maintenance-free heavy-duty battery market is broad, Heavy Duty Battery Cell from heaven to the ground, have its market. Mainly used in transportation, solar power, telecommunications, power sector, mining, military defense, electronic computer systems, traction power and other fields and industries:

1, the automotive industry: for cars, tractors and various non-road vehicles, including light gasoline internal combustion engines, heavy diesel internal combustion engines and motorcycles starting, lighting, automotive electrical equipment.

2, solar power and mail communication: telecommunications for telecommunications equipment, DC power supply and AC UPS uninterruptible power supply.

3, the power sector: power plants, substations, Heavy Duty Battery Cell power dispatching system emergency standby power supply, control system DC power supply.

4, mining mining: for miners down the work, wearing a helmet on the miner's lamp lighting, for the material handling equipment, explosion-proof power.

5, military defense: for tank start, lighting, communications and artillery orientation and other power supply. The power used when the airplane is grounded. Harbor inland navigation lights.

6, traction power: for electric vehicles, electric bicycles, flat and fork-type battery car, mining locomotive power supply.

7, the railway industry: for railway communications equipment, power supply, railway passenger cars. When the train parking, the car lighting, radio, electric fans and air conditioning and other power supply for the railway diesel locomotive start and auxiliary power equipment.