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Heavy Battery Use Attention

Jun 27, 2017

Heavy-duty battery is the power of the car, mainly for the start to the car starter and power supply equipment, are starting heavy-duty batteries. At present, the car is basically used in lead-acid heavy-duty batteries, that is, dilute sulfuric acid as an electrolyte, the plate to participate in the electrochemical reaction of the active material for lead dioxide and lead.

In order to meet the needs of start-up and electrical equipment, the replacement of new heavy-duty batteries, the new heavy-duty battery capacity and rating must not be lower than the original use of heavy-duty batteries, and the replacement of heavy-duty battery size must also be appropriate to install. Currently on the market a lot of heavy battery brands, concerned about xsjiaoliu, more full car knowledge had known. Mainly Walter VARTA (formerly Delphi), ACDELCO, Panasonic (Panasonic), sailing, uniform, GS, Heavy Duty Battery Cell original imported Korean rocket, soup shallow and so on. The manufacturers of heavy batteries also have different labels.

Automotive heavy-duty battery models are named according to certain standards, in the domestic market, the use of heavy-duty battery models are mainly in accordance with national standards and Japanese standards, Heavy Duty Battery Cell the German standard and the US standard named.

You know or do not know about heavy battery knowledge

In the heavy battery maintenance sharing, experts to us on the popularity of some of the heavy battery knowledge and the usual use of the process should pay attention to matters. In fact, heavy batteries do not have to deliberately to carry out maintenance, Heavy Duty Battery Cell just to develop some good car habits on it.

1, heavy battery use more than two years to pay attention to check

General car heavy battery life of 2-3 years, the new car's original heavy-duty battery can be used for more than 3 years. So if your heavy battery has been used for almost two years, it is important to note that its life may have expired. At this time should be a lot of inspection, in advance to detect and find the problem early to solve or replace, to avoid the use of heavy batteries in the process of suddenly "lying nest" caused losses.

2, replace the heavy battery need to pay attention to what?

New heavy-duty batteries may be in power shortage, including the new factory-made original heavy-duty batteries, are likely to charge 100%. Therefore, after replacing a new heavy battery, or after buying a new car, you need to make the engine run a long time to ensure that the heavy battery can be fully charged.

3, the vehicle for a long time do not open the heavy battery damage?

As the heavy battery will be self-discharge, if the vehicle is not used for a long time may lead to heavy-duty battery power consumption, and ultimately can not start the vehicle or damage the heavy battery.

If the vehicle is not used for a long time, it is best to try to keep every 15 days to restart, and each time the engine running about 20 minutes, Heavy Duty Battery Cell so that heavy batteries once again fully charged.

These bad car habits will damage the heavy battery

Although the general car heavy-duty battery life can reach 2-3 years, but some owners because some of the usual bad habits will lead to heavy battery damage in advance, had to be replaced, so we usually have to develop good Car habits. Here are some of the more common bad car habits:

1, get off to forget the lights or car electrical equipment

Before the stop off the lights forget the headlamps is the most common, and therefore lead to many owners of the second day of heavy-duty battery power consumption, the car can not start. However, with the optimization of automotive products, turn off the headlamps if there is no sound will be prompted, or some vehicles in the flame after half a minute will automatically turn off the lights, thus reducing the forgotten headlamps on heavy batteries damage.

But in addition to headlights, other lights such as car reading lights or other car electrical equipment if the switch off after the turn off, may be after a night after the heavy battery can also lead to deep power failure can not start the car.

If this is the case, you can try charging the heavy battery until you can start the car. Otherwise it may be necessary to replace the heavy battery. Instead of spending a lot of money to replace heavy batteries, Heavy Duty Battery Cell not as usual to develop good habits.

2, before the vehicle does not turn off air conditioning

Many people, including the author, the vehicle is not used to turn off the air before the flame; in the next start, the air conditioning will start with the car at the same time open. But Valta's experts said that this bad habit is also a heavy battery damage.

If the air conditioner does not turn off before the flame is turned off, the air conditioner will start automatically with the start of the engine the next time the vehicle is started. This will cause the vehicle to be overgrown at an instant. The heavy battery load is too heavy and the heavy battery is a long time The So we should be in the flame before the car should be as far as possible to close the electrical equipment such as air conditioning, Heavy Duty Battery Cell radio and so on, so that the next time the vehicle will not lead to heavy load instantaneous load is too large, thus protecting the heavy battery.