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Button Battery Shelf Life Is 3 Years

Nov 02, 2017

Button batteries, also known as button batteries, refers to the size of a battery like a small button, in general, larger diameter, thinner thickness (relative to the columnar batteries such as the market on the 5th AA batteries.) Button battery is from Shape up to the battery to points, Button Cell the same corresponding battery classification columnar battery, square battery, shaped battery.

Button battery voltage is generally between 1.55V to 1.58V, the battery shelf life is 3 years. Button Cell In a well-run watch on the use of its running time is generally not less than two years.

Button batteries used in the anti-theft, access control, computers, etc., and some watches are equipped with lithium batteries. Lithium battery shelf life of 7 years, in general, users generally do not have to worry about the battery expired.

Button battery models are usually in the back of the button battery by the letters and Arabic numerals, to understand some of the basic battery model knowledge of life is very helpful, Button Cell because we often see children's toys, circuit boards, electronic watches, remote control and other electronic equipment Often encountered, once the need to replace, then we must first clear the specifications of the model knowledge.

Button batteries as the name suggests is like a button, the button battery is also chargeable and non-rechargeable two, rechargeable LIR series, ML series, Button Cell VL series series of lithium-ion button batteries. Non-rechargeable CR series, LR series and SR series.

There are many kinds of button batteries, mainly to see the number on the battery, such as CR2032, 20 is the diameter, 20mm, 32 is thick 3.2mm, is this, generally CR1220, CR1616, CR1620, CR1632, CR2016, CR2025, CR2032, CR2430, CR2450 , LR44, LR54 and so on

From the back of the battery you can see the corresponding mark, representing the different types of button batteries.

LR --- alkaline - 1.5V

SR --- silver oxide - 1.55V

CR --- lithium - 3V

ZA --- zinc empty - 1.4V

LIR --- secondary lithium - 3.7V

The more common button batteries are used for toys and gifts on the AG3, AG10, AG13 battery, the computer motherboard battery, model CR2032 for the electronic dictionary inside the CR2025, for the electronic watch above the CR2016;

Button model name in front of the English letter that the type of battery, Button Cell for lithium manganese batteries for the first two digits for the diameter (unit mm), the last two digits for the thickness (unit 0.1 mm), take the two close to the number. For example, the approximate size of the CR2032 is 20 mm in diameter and 3.2 mm in thickness.