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Button Batteries Have Been Widely Used

Aug 03, 2017

Button batteries, also known as button batteries, refers to the size of a battery like a small button, in general, larger diameter, thinner thickness (relative to the columnar batteries such as the market on the 5th AA batteries). Shape up to the battery points, the same corresponding battery classification columnar battery, square battery, shaped battery.

Button batteries are also divided into two categories of chemical batteries and physical batteries, Button Cell the most popular chemical battery applications. They consist of anodes (positive), cathodes (negative) and their electrolytes.

It is made of stainless steel, and as a positive electrode, the negative pole is a stainless steel circular cover, positive and negative between the seal ring insulation, sealing ring made of nylon, Button Cell sealing ring in addition to insulation, but also to prevent leakage of electrolyte The Many types of button batteries, most of the materials used to name, such as silver oxide batteries, lithium batteries, alkaline manganese batteries.

Application of button batteries

Button batteries because of the smaller shape, so in a variety of micro-electronic products have been widely used, the diameter from 4.8mm to 30mm, thickness from 1.0mm to 7.7mm range; Button Cell generally used for all kinds of electronic products, such as backup power, such as Computer motherboards, electronic watches, electronic dictionaries, electronic scales, memory cards, remote control, electric toys, pacemakers, electronic hearing aids, counters, cameras,

The main uses are: calculator, hearing aids, cameras, watches and so on. In particular, that the battery leakage effect is particularly good, and long-term use of the effect is also good, I have to replace the customer on the SLR camera inside the metering system for the supply of domestic Dali AG13 battery, Button Cell More than eight years before the replacement of new products, and there are no signs of missing the night. It is very powerful!

Common models of button batteries

Common button batteries are made of chemical composition such as carbon, alkaline, zinc-silver oxide, zinc-air, lithium-manganese dioxide, nickel-cadmium rechargeable button batteries, nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries and so on.

If the shape of the monomer and the layers of the distinction. In particular, the carbon button battery is the most common, but also the cheapest, alkaline little expensive, Button Cell but the discharge effect is good. Both of these voltages are 1.5V, ranging from alkaline AG1 to AG13, with nominal capacities ranging from about 15mAh to 140mAh. Suitable for micro-level discharge requirements. Used in calculators, electronic toys, hearing aids, lighters, watches and so on.

Zinc - silver oxide button batteries, be regarded as a leader in the battery. Voltage 1.55V, the capacity is higher than the carbon, alkaline button batteries, Button Cell high-order discharge curve is smooth, about 90% of the part is always stable at 1.45V or more, the discharge curve is almost a straight line, and then quickly power down, the voltage vertical Go on.