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Button Batteries Are Used On Small Motors

Sep 05, 2017

The button battery is literally understood to be a cell that looks like a button, and it is a battery commonly used in our lives. It is small, the model is more characteristic. Commonly used in our watches, small toys, calculators, hearing aids and so on. Here we come to meet the button battery:

Button batteries are generally common in both charging and recharging, including 3 of the charge. 6V Rechargeable Lithium Ion (Lir series), 3V rechargeable Lithium-ion button battery (ML or VL series); non-charging includes 3V lithium manganese button Battery (CR series) and 1.5V Alkaline Zinc Manganese button battery (LR and SR series).

According to the composition, the types of common button batteries are lithium batteries, alkaline batteries, zinc-air batteries and so on. Early mercury batteries have been disabled because of environmental problems. But other button batteries may still contain a small amount of mercury (i.e., mercury) in addition to the lithium-ion batteries that start with BR and CR. Button Cell Although in recent years there have been manufacturers to develop mercury-free alkaline batteries and silver oxide batteries, but due to technology and patents, and other reasons, the current national dry battery mercury orders, button batteries still allow a small amount of mercury presence, therefore, Button Cell For used button batteries, should still be placed in the required recycling premises, do not arbitrarily discarded or mixed with garbage to affect the environment.

Application of button battery

Because of its small size, button cell has been widely used in various miniature electronic products. Diameters from 4.8mm to 30mm, thickness from 1.0mm to 7.7mm unequal; Button Cell Generally used for various types of electronic products back-up power supply, such as computer motherboards, electronic tables, electronic dictionaries, electronic scales, memory cards, remote control, electric toys, Pacemakers, electronic hearing aids, counters, cameras, etc.

Button batteries are also divided into chemical batteries and physical batteries of the two categories, its chemical battery applications are most common. They are composed of anode (cathode), cathode (cathode) and its electro-contact fluid. As shown in the right picture. Its appearance is stainless steel material, and as a positive, its negative extremely stainless steel round cover, the positive and negative between the sealing ring insulation, Button Cell sealed ring with nylon, sealing ring In addition to the insulation role, but also can prevent leakage of electrolyte. Many kinds of button batteries, most of the materials used in the name, such as silver oxide batteries, lithium batteries, alkaline manganese batteries.

The corresponding markings can be seen from the back of the battery:

lr---Alkaline-. 5V

sr---Silver oxide-. 55V


za---Zinc empty-. 4V

Because of the use of button batteries, the combination of the battery pack is very small, but the discharge strength is not large, used in small motors, Button Cell small radio transmission DC power supply.