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Battery Performance Parameters

Nov 28, 2016

Battery performance parameteMainly electrical potential, capacity, energy and resistance. Electromotive force is equal to the unit positive charge from within the anode battery when you move to the cathode, batteries non-static electricity (Chemistry) work done by. Electromotive force depends on the electrode material property, and battery size. Battery capacity the battery can output the total charge amount, usually measured in amperes hour units. In the reaction of the battery, 1 kilograms reaction material energy called the theory of specific energy of battery. Practical than theoretical specific energy than the energy of the battery is small. Because the reactant is not all cells in the battery, and electromotive force of battery internal resistance will cause reduced and are therefore called high energy high energy batteries battery. Larger battery area, their internal resistance is smaller. Limited energy storage battery, the battery can output the total charge volume called it, often using ampere hours as the unit, it is also an important parameter in battery. Made of primary cells that can produce electricity, but completion of the discharge are spent.rs