3V Maxell CR2025 Lithium Button Cell Watch Battery

Product Details

Original Maxell CR2025 lithium button battery

1.Nominal voltage: 3.0v
2. Norminal Capacity: 170mAh
3. Dimension:20.0mm*2.5mm
4. Weight: 2.4g
5. Operating temperature range: -20℃ to +60℃
Main Feature:
1.CR button cell battery whole series as CR1025, CR1220 ,CR1225, CR1620, CR2032, CR2330,CR2335, CR2354, CR2450, CR2477, CR3032.
2.3v nominal voltage, double that of conventional dry battery.
3.Stable and reliable discharge voltage.
4.Excellent storage characteristics.
5.Low self discharge rate of less than 2 percent.
6.Excellent fast pulse discharge characteristics.

Main Applications:  
a. Wristwatches, clock, computers, music cards,
b. Medical instruments, PDA, MP3, shoe lamps;
c. Card-style radio, IC Card, hearing aid, calculators, cameras,
d. Audio equipment, Data acquisition systems;
e. Electronics communication devices;
f. Industrial monitors/controls, switch board, transceivers;
g. Remote keyless entry, security devices, security and protection system;
h. Memory back up, CMOS backup